Pvea Update #01

A modern Proxmox VE node library.

August 10, 2020 — By Ami Cole

Hello again,

Hey all – it’s Ami. I’m writing a short little post about a new node.js library I’ve been writing for the Proxmox VE API. It’s called pvea!

It’s already up on GitHub, and is functional. I need to finish implementing a good chunk of the Proxmox VE API, but after that it should be up and running smoothly!

// pvea library.
const pveajs = require("pvea")

// create a new instance, you can use this to connect to multiple nodes if you want.
const pvea = new pveajs('hostname', 'user@auth', 'password')

// our main application.
async function main() {
    // get version of proxmox API.
    pvea.apiVersion().then( res => {
        // log result.

 // execute the application.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to code using pvea, it’s API. I’ll be writing documentation sometime soon, and I am open to anyone else who wants to contribute!

Oh, and I want to thank ttarvis for writing node-proxmox! Same goes to alo-is who also wrote another module also called node-proxmox. These were good references.

Anyway, thanks for reading. <3